STANDOUT consistently focuses on sustainability and environmental protection

STANDOUT is Austria’s leading company in the fields of exhibition architecture and event technology. It is one of the top 10 companies in the industry in Europe.

We give top priority to all issues related to ECOLOGY and SUSTAINABILITY. This is realized through …

  • Selection of environmentally friendly material
  • Increased frequency of use
  • Recycling of cladding panels
  • Meticulous recycling
  • Professional waste disposal
  • High energy efficiency
  • Efficient logistical processes
  • Well-recognized certifications

Sustainability details

  • Switching to ecological printing processes and inks along with use of licensed products for banner and fabric printing as well as PVC-free films; no direct printing on rental materials
  • Only reusable materials and no foils are used for packaging, including boxes, specially made pallets, racks, crates, transport trolleys for rental materials.
  • Delivery of trade fair related freight throughout Europe is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner using EURO 6 vehicles from our freight forwarding partners.
  • Strict implementation of the waste management concept, consistent waste separation around office, production, storage and hygiene areas … including during trade fair set-up and disassembly at event venues.
  • We increase the frequency of use of construction components through multi-year agreements with clients and standardize our products.

Procurement of environmentally certified materials and products

The eco-label “Umweltzeichen” – certification of our exhibition stands

Umweltzeichen license VKI 1318-2019
System Standbau GmbH