Vehicle fleet

Vehicle fleet


Vehicle fleet

Vehicles from our facilities in Vienna, Salzburg and Wels travel all over the world, helping us provide top-quality service for – and together with – our customers. The destinations are mainly in Central Europe, but also as far afield as Athens, Antalya, Barcelona, Dubai, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid and Stockholm, as well as Japan. Our vehicles travel to more than 400 events all over Europe each year. All transportation is managed using our own vehicle fleet.

Transport volume | Annual: 900 trucks


Destinations | Venues

Austria, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK



Aluminium/Composites 2014: 33 trucks for 10,000m2 of net space
PSI 2015: 18 trucks for 5,500m2 of net space
ProWein 2015: 35 trucks for 3,100m2 of net space